01 November 2016

Year 10 Spanish Study trip to Santiago

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We travelled to the old city of Santiago de Compostela, a beautiful town with a contrasting busy, youthful ambiance. When arriving at our host families we were immersed into the Spanish and Galician traditions, an amazing and comfortable way to practise our Spanish conversation!

The days were filled with interactive lessons at the local language school which was a ten-minute journey from our home for the week. After morning lessons we returned to our host houses for lunch and then would go back to the school, where there was usually debate on whether the food had been amazing or a ‘new experience’!

In the afternoons we visited many different places. My favourite was the day trip to the neighbouring town of A Coruña. From the aquarium to the coffee shops it had it all, and we managed to enjoy some free time in the local square. My favourite evening activity was the sports carousel, in which we ended the day with a big football match. Overall the trip was a huge success, we all went home with a new favourite food: ‘churros con chocolate’ and a wide range of new words and skills. I hope to return to Santiago de Compostela soon to enjoy the salsa lessons and food all over again. Thank you Mr Rands-Webb for running such a successful trip.

Sarah Dooley

The Santiago trip was very enjoyable from beginning to end. Nothing ever felt repetitive and we did different things every day. It was also nice to have free time to explore Santiago de Compostela instead of doing activities non-stop. I especially enjoyed the trip to A Coruña. The host family was very hospitable and not harsh when we didn’t fully understand everything they said. The classes were fun too, the teacher being very kind. The meals were nice and our host didn’t mind if we didn’t like something. The cookery workshop was very fun, and so was the sport centre carousel. The city was also lovely and not too difficult to navigate.

Sam Sage-Hicks

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