15 September 2015

World Skills Challenge winner Nathan Cadey

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Nathan Cadey has been a Sous Chef at Sevenoaks School since September 2013.

In May 2015 his success started at Wessex Salon (Craft Guild of Chefs) in Bournemouth where Nathan won a Gold medal with his Scallops starter, Silver in his fish starter and a Bronze in the lamb main course class.

Due to his great success, Nathan was invited to the World Skills Challenge on Wednesday 26 August where he competed again and made the following dishes:


Confit of Chicken Leg with Orange wrapped in Chicken Breast and Caul Fat

served with

Butternut Squash, Carrot Dauphinoise Potatoes, Wild Mushroom in Cream Sauce, Chicken Liver Pate in Filo Pastry with Orange Pesto.

(The dish had to include a whole chicken and show butchery skills)


Sweet Red Pepper and Apple Cheese Cake,

Parsnip and Pistachio Ice Cream in a Chocolate Cup.

Apple Creme Brule

(This dish was required to include Apple in a hot or cold dessert)


Nathan also was given a Mystery Box of different ingredients and was required to make a fish starter in one hour and 30 minutes.

He completed within the time scale and made the following dish:


Pan Fried Plaice with Carrot and Potato Mash,

Poached Place in Breadcrumbs served on Orzo Pasta,

Sweetcorn Salsa Pan Fried Aubergine


All of the above dishes collected points and Nathan was awarded a Gold Medal.

The finals are at the end of November in Birmingham, which Nathan is really looking forward to.

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