20 February 2019

Wellbeing at Sevenoaks

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Head of PSHE, Penny Hargreaves, has been working as part of the team to craft a definition for Wellbeing at Sevenoaks School.

‘To explore the concept of Wellbeing – my ITL research has split into two distinct areas:

What are the specific needs at Sevenoaks School? What do we currently do to address these needs? Once this research has been completed, I aim to look at other schools and complementary programmes to see how we might expand, improve, integrate what we currently do to best serve our school community. As Head of PSHE this area is of particular interest to me due to its whole school focus. It has been really interesting to see how themes and skills that I have embedded into the PSHE programme are being taught and reinforced in other departments. It is exciting to see the possibilities for a whole school integrated strategy. Aims & methods:

  • Conduct an audit of wellbeing activities and programmes that we are currently running – I am in the process of visiting every department to gather data concerning: To what extent the approaches to Teaching & Learning adopted by the department, attend to notions of  student wellbeing What activities departments offer which are focused on student participation and enjoyment?                                                  
  • Investigate what the specific needs are at Sevenoaks School – through data obtained from pastoral team, BHM’s, Health Centre, School Counsellors, Pupil Surveys
  • Research and develop further activities and complementary programmes – visits to other schools/Trinity Group discussion forums/visits to other institutions
  • Investigate how we can integrate and extend our current provision 
  • Look at methods of assessing the impact of Wellbeing programmes’ 

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