21 September 2018

Vicky celebrates her birthday: 102!

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Vicky Lutton of Sevenoaks, celebrated her 102nd birthday at Sevenoaks School’s Thursday Club last week; with spectacular cakes, candles and flowers. 

The centenarian visits the school every week for the club, which welcomes a number of older people from the town to Sennocke House, one of the boarding houses, for an afternoon of entertainment and socialising organised by staff and pupils.

Several parents had made fabulous cakes for everyone to enjoy, and students prepared sandwiches and tea. There were flowers in abundance, and a background of Irish music, in recognition of Vicky’s birth country.

Vicky was thrilled with her party. She has been attending Thursday Club at Sevenoaks School since she relocated to Sevenoaks from South Africa 22 years ago. Very sociable, she loves interacting with people so kept coming back each week and is now the longest-standing member of the club, which has celebrated her 100th and 101st birthdays.

When asked her secret to longevity, Vicky thought it might be genetic, but also said, ‘I treat life as a challenge.’


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