17 January 2018

University offers 2018

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This year, 225 students applied to university, and to date, we have received 532 offers.

UK Universities

Students applying to UK universities have been successful in their applications to some of the most competitive institutions including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, LSE, and Durham. We are delighted that a total of 42 offers have been made to our students by the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, (23 offers from Oxford; 19 from Cambridge).

The most popular university destinations for our students this year are UCL (106 applicants), Durham (99 applicants), Exeter (88 applicants), and Bristol (75 applicants), for courses across a range of disciplines. To date, our students have received 22 offers from Imperial, 12 from LSE, 38 from Durham, and 55 from UCL.

Nationally, Medicine continues to be one of the competitive courses available. Twenty-six Sevenoaks students have applied for Medicine. So far five students have offers to read Medicine at KCL, Bristol, Plymouth and two have Oxford offers for Medicine. All three applicants for Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine have offers: one at Bristol, and two at Surrey.

International Universities

A good number of our students apply to study abroad. Forty Sevenoaks students have applied to US universities (nearly 20 per cent of our students), and nine have applied to prestigious universities in Canada; a further five students have applied to Hong Kong, and four to universities across Europe.

Early US Offers

Five early offers have been made by distinguished American institutions, including Yale, NYU, Northwestern, and Columbia. One student has been awarded the highly competitive Robertson Scholarship at Duke University. This is a great achievement: we believe that only three of the 18 finalists from the UK were selected. Early US offer recipients include some of the most able and motivated students worldwide.

The current UCAS cycle for offers is far from complete – final outcomes are not likely to be known until the end of March. At this stage we are delighted to congratulate all our students who have so far achieved an exceptional level of success with their university offers.

We are constantly aware of just how good the IB is as preparation for university entry; it enables all our students to progress onto some of the world’s best universities, on some of the most competitive and challenging degree programmes.

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