11 February 2022

University offers

University offers for Sevenoaks students from leading UK, US and international institutions

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Our Upper Sixth students are midway through the higher education admissions cycle and have begun to receive an impressive range of offers from UK, US and international universities. 

UK offers

This year, 237 Sevenoaks students have applied through UCAS to UK universities, and they have to date received 367 UK offers, including 21 offers from Oxford and Cambridge, 40 from Bristol, 23 from Manchester, 22 from Exeter and 21 from Nottingham. We’re also delighted that two students have been offered choral scholarships at Oxford colleges. We are waiting to hear the outcome of around 70 per cent of applications.

International offers

In the last decade, an increasing number of our students have applied to universities outside the UK. To date, for 2022 entry, around 15 per cent of the year group have applied to at least one country outside of the UK, and students continue to put applications in.

We advise students to apply to universities which are the ‘best fit’ for them, rather than focusing solely on rankings which often do not tell the whole story of an institution. The early application round for the US is a highly competitive entry point and we are pleased that 13 students been offered a total of 16 places in the early application rounds to American institutions, namely Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, the University of Chicago, Tufts, Santa Clara, Colorado College, Georgia Tech, the University of Colorado-Boulder, Babson, the University of Michigan, and Northeastern. We eagerly await the release of Early Decision II acceptances later this month.

Students have been offered scholarships and honours by Northeastern and by the University of Colorado- Boulder (Academic Scholarship; College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program; (Boulder Chancellor’s Achievement Scholarship). Student athletic recruitment also continues to be a growth area for Sevenoaks and we are pleased that one of our sailors will be joining the Tufts sailing squad in September as a recruited athlete.

In applications to Canadian universities, one student has been accepted into Mathematics and Computing/Computer Science at McGill, which is an extremely competitive course and one accepted into the University of Toronto with merit scholarships. There have been scholarship offers from McGill and the University of Toronto.

Many congratulations to our students for securing these offers. The UCAS deadline was 26 January, so we await further offers throughout the next few months.

Lower Sixth

Students this term are enjoying the Higher Education programme which has included presentations given by four London Colleges (UCL, Imperial, The London Interdisciplinary School, and Royal Holloway) and a talk on ‘Choosing and being chosen by universities’ given by Professor Richard Harvey, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor (Admissions), UEA, and IT Professor at Gresham College. In addition, they have attended optional sessions on the ‘Beginners’ Guide to Degrees in’ series by Sevenoaks Heads of Department and Higher Education Advisers. We were delighted that so many students and parents attended our US and International evenings via Teams Live.

After half term we look forward to further individual Higher Education meetings with Lower Sixth students and more HE department events, including an Old Sennockian panel and a presentation on graduate employment.

Watch here a recording of the US meeting on 31 January

Watch here a recording of the international meeting on 7 February

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