03 March 2016

The Ski Trip

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During the February half term, 39 eager students and 4 exceptional teachers departed on the amazing trip to Les Menuires: a fabulous ski resort in the French Alps. While we did get delayed at Gatwick for three and a half hours, we all managed to make it to the hotel in one piece, despite being thoroughly exhausted. However, after a good nights sleep we were all ready and energetic for our first day of skiing! Me, being in the beginners’ group took it slow at first, but our instructor was so encouraging and so supportive that we got the hang of skiing pretty quickly! I’m also sure that with the help of our marvellous instructors, by the end, everyone from teachers to students had gotten much more confident in their skiing by a mile.

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Apart from skiing, we had great fun with activities in the evening. We witnessed some amazing dance moves at the disco, some incredibly talented voices during karaoke night and some intelligent brains at quiz night. Not to mention the screams of students losing control of their bum boards!

In the evenings, 7 keen students had great fun and experience taking French lessons with Mr Coquelin, and we all came out much more confident in our French skills. The milkshakes served at the hotel were so delicious that by the second day, we had bought so many that we drained the entire hotel of their straw supply!

On this trip, everybody from year groups 8 to 11 bonded and got to know each other a lot more than before, and we all got to meet various friendly people from different year groups. This trip has been a truly unforgettable memory, and I’m sure many people will be coming back next year.

Keven Du, Year 9.

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