The health and wellbeing of our students is paramount, and as a School we aim to deliver the highest possible standard of care.

Our research and development in this strand is helping us to identify strategies we can use to help students become more mindful of themselves and their identity in relation to local and global contexts, and find the means to flourish. 

Some examples of projects in our wellbeing strand include:


The relationship between leadership and pupil well being- Paul Parham, Maths

Paul Parham is leading a quantitative study to explore possible associations between the perceived leadership styles of teachers, and pupils self-perceptions regarding their attainment, motivation and mental well-being in mathematics.

The relationship between student leadership and student well being - Paul Thompson, Geography 

Paul Thompson is exploring the impact on academic motivation, productivity and well-being of students who hold a position of responsibility within the School. This small quantitative study will compare the sense of well-being and belonging of those students holding positions of office, against students who are matched for academic ability, but do not currently hold an official role within the School.

Poetry by Heart: How can a sense of empathy be developed through live interaction with literary texts? Jonathan Cheetham, English Teacher 

Jonathan Cheetham is interested in the mutual impact of a poetry reading programme on students and residents in a local community home. This qualitative project is exploring how engaging in a regular reading activity with residents impacts a student volunteers sense of well-being and happiness, and how the experience of sharing poetry affects development of the ‘whole person’ in a community setting.

Is there evidence of an increase in levels of anxiety associated with preparing for and taking exams? Marie-Sophie Reijers, French 

Marie-Sophie is interested in how teachers and the School prepare and support students with exams, and how we can be most effective in this preparation. A survey will be administered to pupils undertaking mock exams to gain their feedback, this will be followed up with a focus group to further explore the findings.