Journal of the Institute of Teaching & Learning

Innovate is our journal publishing findings from our ITL projects. For our first edition, we have presented a range of articles that reflect some of the domains in which members of the ITL have been working (learning to learn, digital learning, wellbeing and character education). Some invite reflective thinking, others make suggestions for change; all raise prompts for continued discussion. 

The ITL works hard to bring into focus elements of research-informed classroom practice that are shown to be effective. It is also particularly alive to our holistic approach to education, in which elements of affective experience and personal, emotional development are rendered just as prominently as aspects traditionally referred to as cognitive or 'academic'. The subject of wellbeing, for example, maintains particular status this year as is reflected in our journal. 

We hope you enjoy reading Innovate - and whether you are a teacher at Sevenoaks or keen to make a connection from a different school, please let us know if you'd like to be part of our ongoing work (