Character Education

Character education focuses attention on the ways in which students’ qualities as intellectually curious, responsible, compassionate human beings can be nurtured across all aspects of the curriculum. 

Current projects in this area are exploring ways in which character education can be successfully delivered and embedded through the curriculum. Some examples of  projects in this strand include:

How can we promote reflective learning though the service programme? Paul Harvey, Drama

Paul Harvey is leading an audit to establish to what extent reflective learning currently exists within our service programme. The project will explore what impact the introduction of reflection might have on students’ learning and character education, and how having dedicated time and space to reflect on their experiences of service might be of benefit to our students.  

How can aspects of character education be more effectively delivered through curriculum subjects? Hugh McCormick, Economics

Hugh McCormick is exploring how character education can be delivered at Sevenoaks, he is interested in how teachers can be equipped to deliver character education; how teachers can engage students in Character Education within and beyond lesson time; how this learning within the curriculum connects with co-curricula; and how teachers might equip parents with activities for character development at home.