Our research and development in this strand is reflective of our holistic approach to education, in which affective experience and personal, emotional development are just as prominent as aspects traditionally referred to as cognitive or 'academic'. 

Work in this area is helping us to identify strategies we can use to help students become more mindful of themselves and their identity in relation to local and global contexts, and to support our students to find the means to flourish. Some examples of projects in our wellbeing strand are listed below, click on the links to download a short article from our Innovate journal

Flourishing research - with Research Schools International/Researchers from the Harvard Human Flourishing Program. 

The benefits of yoga in a school setting- Eva Coddington.

Monitoring training load and wellbeing: working towards a holistic approach- Geoff Marshall. 

The neuroscience of directed attention in education - Emma Delpech. 

Slow looking - Charley Openshaw.

The association between teachers' leadership style and student performance - Dr Paul Parham.