Journal of the Institute of Teaching & Learning

Third edition: Oct 2021
Second edition: Nov 2020
First edition: Nov 2019


Innovate is our annual journal sharing the research and development work of our colleagues and students.

The journal is designed to reflect an ever-growing narrative at Sevenoaks: one which engages actively with research, to develop pratice and policy driven by weight of evidence, and by what is known to work. 

Our institute aims to bring into focus both elements of research-informed classroom practice that are shown to be effective, and also reflect our holistic approach to education, in which personal and emotional development is as prominent as aspects traditionally referred to as cognitive or 'academic'. 

We hope you enjoy reading Innovate - and whether you are a teacher at Sevenoaks or keen to make a connection from elsewhere, please let us know if you'd like to be part of our ongoing work (