How can reflective learning contribute to Service?

Paul Harvey has been exploring what reflective learning can contribute to Service.

'I am visiting a different Service activity each week to observe what our students (primarily our Sixth Formers) experience. I will be following this up by interviewing some students to encourage them to reflect on their experiences and what they learnt.  Other possible research methods will include asking students to write reflectively (particularly since all Sixth Formers have to do some of this for the CAS element of the IB) and creating a group to discuss together what they have learnt through their activities. I hope to discover the extent to which students reflect - when do they do this, how do they do it and what do they do with their conclusions?

I’m interested in exploring students’ understanding of education as being holistic, and more wide-reaching than simply following and focusing on an academic programme, and how they connect their service-learning with their academic learning.

Finally, I am keen to convey to all staff a more detailed picture of what our students do and learn through service and how connections between this kind of experiential and reflective learning and the students’ academic development can be achieved'.