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Learning at Sevenoaks: International Teacher Magazine talk to Mark Beverley, Director of the Institute of Teaching and Learning at Sevenoaks School in the UK. Podcast Episode 3, August 2022.

Listening for empathy: Empathy and listening skills for effective teaching- Dr Paul Parham (Teacher of Maths), International Teacher Magazine, August 2022.

Can't I just look it up? James Tate (Head of Physics), International Teacher Magazine, July 2022.

On Reflection- Mark Beverley (ITL Director), Eton Journal of Research & Innovation, p.13.

Research-based activities to promote student flourishing - Helen Hampson, Christina Hinton, Ayse Yemiscigil, Mark Beverley, Jonathan Beale and Ben Hill, Impact Journal of the College of Chartered Teaching. Summer 2022 Online Edition. 

Learning to listen- Fabienne Cheung (Head of French), International Teacher Magazine, May 2022.

The benefits of Yoga in Schools - Eva Coddington (Head of German), International Teacher Magazine, Apr 2022.

Cognitive Overload- Elen Harris (Teacher of Geography), International Teacher Magazine, Mar 2022.

The impact of eating disorders in schools - Sarah Eversfield (Teacher of English), Independent Schools Magazine, Feb 2022.

Helping students develop as happy and healthy people - Mark Beverley (ITL Director), Independent Schools Council, Feb 2022.

Democratic discussion - Isla Phillips (Director of Kent Academies Network and Teacher of Classics), International Teacher Magazine, Feb 2022.

Let's talk about teaching and learning- Mark Beverley (ITL Director), International Teacher Magazine, Jan 2022.

Promoting flourishing in schools- Helen Hampson (ITL Programme Manager), Dr Christina Hinton and Ben Hill (Research Schools International), Independent Education Today.

Sevenoaks School explores how students learn to flourish- Kelsi, Dec 2021. 

Sevenoaks School explores how students learn to flourish- Independent Schools Search, Nov 2021.

Slow looking- Charley Openshaw (Head of Art), International Teacher Magazne, July 2021.

Music and Dyslexia- Julia Kiggell (Teacher of Music), International Teacher Magazine, June 2021.

Skills or Knowledge? New thoughts about an old debate - Chris Taylor (Head of Classics), International Teacher Magazine, May 2021.

The only stupid question is the one never asked - Hélène Bonsall (Teacher of Biology), International Teacher Magazine, March 2021.

Pupils as leaders - it is not all about wearing a badge - Dr Ceri Sims (Buckinghamshire New University) and Paul Thompson (Head of Geography, Sevenoaks), Independent Schools Magazine (p.33), March 2021.

High Impact Time Saver - Elen Harris (Teacher of Geography), International Teacher Magazine, Feb 2021.

Establishing a whole class feedback model - Elen Harris (Teacher of Geography), Teaching Times, Feb 2021.

Do teachers' leadership styles affect students perceptions of their own performance? Dr Paul Parham (Teacher of Maths) with Professor Gloria Moss, Independent Schools Magazine (p.10), Feb 2021. 

Sevenoaks School publishes second edition of academic journal - Independent Education Today, Jan 2021.

Sevenoaks School highlights how 2020 taught teachers to learn, IB World Schools Yearbook, Dec 2020. 

Sevenoaks School highlights how 2020 taught teachers to learn - IBSCA, Dec 2020. 

What has lockdown taught us about creativity in the classroom? Mark Beverley (ITL Director), Independent Schools Magazine, p.44, Sept 2020.

Creative rethink -  Mark Beverley (ITL Director), International Teacher Magazine, Apr 2020.