Institute of Teaching & Learning

Sevenoaks’ reputation as a school that demonstrates excellence in teaching and learning has undergone significant development over the last couple of years through work we have undertaken to interrogate the qualities that define this education, as well as refine our practice further and share it with others.

This year our work has been spread over four main areas:  Character education; Wellbeing; Digital Learning and Learning to Learn. Explore our research and development pages to find out more.  

Our ongoing aims are that we continue to identify and implement new, exciting ways in which students at Sevenoaks receive a fully-rounded education - one that genuinely affords the best possible preparation for their lives ahead, work collaboratively with people and institutions both locally and overseas, as well as advise schools on the most effective teaching, learning and leadership strategies.

These are exciting times for forward-thinking schools; we are thrilled to have an opportunity to reflect meaningfully on everything that can and should define us as a world class educational institution.  

Director of Institute: Mark