Institute of Teaching & Learning

Our Institute of Teaching and Learning invites reflective critical thinking about our educational approach as an independent school in the South East of the UK, as well as in terms of our status as an international school. In pursuit of best practice, our work is both inward-facing, seeking to develop policy that can be shown to work well for us, and at the same time we look outwards to connect with schools and higher education instiutions both locally and overseas. At the root level, however, is our desire to implement the school's core educational values in a way that finds support in evidence.  

Our work is spread over four main areas:  Character education; Wellbeing; Digital Learning and Learning to Learn. We invite you to explore our research and development pages and Innovate journal to find out more about our work. 

These are exciting times for forward-thinking schools; we are thrilled to have an opportunity to reflect meaningfully on everything that can and should define us as a world class educational institution. We welcome connections with schools- whether near or far, who are keen to be part of our ongoing work, and particularly in 2021 those interested in contributing to our October symposium: Rethinking Creativity: Sevenoaks School International Education Symposium.

Director of Institute: Mark Beverley; Programme Manager: Helen