Rethinking Creativity: Sevenoaks School International Education Symposium

Friday 16 and Saturday 17 October 2020 

Creative or innovative approaches to teaching and learning in schools are frequently cited but not always addressed explicitly, or implemented meaningfully.  Furthermore, schools typically see learning about creativity in quite particular and varied ways.  This symposium will explore the value, challenge and reward of thinking ‘creatively’ about many different elements of school curricula and pedagogy.  We will interrogate elements such as:

  • what it means to be a creative teacher and learner 
  • whether creativity can easily be taught – both as a concept and as a mode of being
  • whether creativity should be assessed 
  • what creative curriculums look like 
  • the meaning and importance of arts subjects 
  • whether and how creativity can attend to notions of character education and student wellbeing 
  • the role of new technologies 
  • the way ‘connectedness’ can inform whole school approaches

We are thrilled to have a range of UK and international schools,  helping to deliver the symposium, and are confirming details for some exciting keynote speakers.

School leaders, teachers, academics, artists and students are being inviting to deliver sessions (in the format of a research paper/presentation, workshop, or performance/arts-based session)  around our four sub themes:

  • Teaching and learning creatively
  • Learning about creativity
  • Developing creative curricula
  • The business of creativity

If you're interested to find out more contact us on for further details.