12 November 2018

Sweeney Todd Participant Review

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Being a Chorus member in the school’s production of Sweeney Todd was an absolutely fantastic experience all round, and certainly not one I shall ever forget.

There is just an indescribable feeling of accomplishment in being in a whole school production of this scale. There is a plethora of things that can be learnt from being involved in a large musical such as this one, in particular something that can be described as the ‘cast feeling’. It is extremely apparent when everyone involved in the play, from the main cast members to the make-up artists, is enthusiastic and excited about the progress of the show.

In Sweeney Todd this this can be largely attributed to the many hours of rehearsing and stellar organisation and direction by Mrs Hargreaves and Mr Potts. There were times when the fact we were in a school production completely went over our heads, as a result of the incredible acting and singing from the main and understudy cast, the outstanding set (the barber’s chair in particular being very well received by both the cast and audience), the fantastic orchestra, the excellent lighting and sound, and the costume design; every single part of the production was just handled with the utmost professionalism. Even more so considering that the majority of the aforementioned features were student-led.

Finally, perhaps the thing I will remember the most about the whole experience, is standing on the stage on the final of the five performances, surrounded by students from six different year groups, taking our bows and just the overarching feeling of triumph that filled all of us. It is a feeling that is simply indescribable.

Charles FitzGerald, Year 9

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