13 November 2019

Student-led science fair

Students recently banded together to create a science fair in the STC with many interactive sessions and informative displays.

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In the Summer term of last year, Tommaso, Edoardo and I volunteered to help manage the science fair with Dr Galloni.

After a few meetings, we started going to the different year groups while other volunteers began designing the posters. We finalised a date for the fair, and soon after began to hear from people who wanted to carry out a wide array of projects. After another month and a half of emailing, meeting and organising we reached the date of the fair with some trepidation.

Our worries soon disappeared after seeing some of the brilliant posters produced by people from a variety of year groups; encompassing everything from gyroscopic motion to micro-plastics to corals. There were also some other events on the day, which included a talk by Alex on the maths behind simple harmonic motion, a demonstration of the fire snake experiment by Ishaan, Matthew and Frank, and finally a display of some lesser known elements by Tom.

Overall, we were overwhelmingly pleased by all the projects students from all throughout the school had been able to produce, and we hope the fair was enjoyed by anyone who had the opportunity to look round.

Barty Wardell, Upper Sixth


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