25 April 2021

Student achievements

Well done to our students on some excellent achievements this term already, in Modern Languages and Geography competitions.

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Cambridge Language Collective Writing Competition

Congratulations to Elspeth Watson, Sophie Walker and Antonia Norris (all Y11) who won the Cambridge Language Collective Writing Competition.

The group worked extremely hard to create a thoughtful but also very funny podcast on mental health during lockdown. They have received very positive comments from the judges including Dr Azérad, Senior Language Teaching Officer in French at the University of Cambridge, who commented, ‘Excellent podcast! Amazing range, always interesting, excellent editing, and we learn a lot about House Party! Cool music as well!’

Spanish regional debating competition

Well done to Kajsa Lenz and Viktoria Genova (both U6) on reaching the final of the Spanish regional debating competition. 

Both students were really well prepared, having researched extensively, and points were well-made meaning they were able to debate confidently and assertively in Spanish. They also used a wide range of complex structures and idiomatic expressions. All of this enabled them to reach the final unbeaten! The motion on the final was ‘Equality is a fantasy’, for which the students had 20 minutes to prepare without teachers or the internet to help. Unfortunately, despite a wonderful performance, they lost in the final finishing as runners-up to KCS Wimbledon.

It has been quite a few years since Sevenoaks has made it to the final so we are extremely proud of this result.

Minds Underground Geography Essay Competition

Congratulations to Emily Wooders (L6) for her highly commended entry into the Minds Underground Geography Essay Competition. Her essay entry focused on Estonia’s drive towards sustainability.

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