25 February 2020

SSTC Middle School: CAESAR

Well done to everyone who took part in the SSTC Middle School production of Caesar!

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CAESAR, adapted from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar by the cast and director Mr Karl Niklas, juxtaposes abstract physical theatre and compelling naturalistic acting to chronicle a tumultuous tale of political intrigue and betrayal in a striking adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

The first act focuses on Caesar’s rise and fall in the Roman Senate, here modelled after the UK’s House of Commons, and the assassination plot spear-headed by conspirators Cassius and Brutus. The second act shifts focus to the Liberator’s Civil War, fought between the conspirators and a new opposition comprising of Caesar’s two potential heirs: Mark Anthony and Octavian who reflect Brutus’ desire for freedom and Cassius’ drive for success respectively.

Throughout the play, scenes are complimented by beautifully choreographed dances by the Populous of Rome, which relate the plotting of Caesar’s murder, the fabric of fate, and the battles that occur throughout the subsequent war, to the power of the people and the workings of fate that affect the event of the play, providing powerful commentary on mob mentality and its impact on politics.

With phenomenal acting, choreography, and set, CAESAR proved to be a spectacular performance that combined modern political concerns and age-old interpersonal relationships into a captivating narrative that struck deep into the heart of the human condition.

Katerina Panayiotou, L6


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