As a school, Sevenoaks places significant emphasis on building a relationship with the local community.

Thank you so much for the opportunities you give to your students to come and help out in local primary schools. As a school, what you do is a fantastic from of outreach and I have benefitted hugely from it. Your students are amazing role models for your school and you should be incredibly proud of their attitude, contribution and overall commitment.

Lucy Ralph, Chiddingstone Church of England School

There are 46 local community projects which are dominated by visits to primary schools, where students support young children in a whole host of activities. Students also give support to our local elderly residents. They go into care homes to visit, run activities and provide musical performances, and they also host a club in school. Students can also be found helping in the many charity shops in town, supporting at Knole House, assisting children at Riding for the Disabled and playing a major role in supporting teenagers at Valence School, a school for children with physical and mental disabilities. We also host Valence School’s annual sports day in the summer.  

Year 9 service has been great to participate in, especially to go to Amherst school, because you feel charitable to others and it is fun to teach others.

Service: Case Study

One of our main local activities is working with the elderly at three residential care homes in Sevenoaks. The residents of the care homes are not independent; they require full time help as some have serious mental problems and illnesses like Alzheimer's and others suffer with physical problems such as crippling arthritis that can be so bad in some cases they cannot pick up a pen. The residents that our students meet are mostly cheerful and happy to see them week after week. Our students entertain all sorts of residents at the care home .

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