08 February 2022

Sporting highlights

Success for the 1st XI, our swimmers, and cross country runners!

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Good luck to Head of Cricket, Dave Smith, who is playing for Tunbridge Wells cricket club in the European Cricket League after winning the National T20 finals last year.

Cross Country

Well done to the Senior Boys who finished 15th at the prestigious King Henry VIII relays.

Well done to everyone involved at the inter-counties over the weekend.


  • Ben Catchpole: 16th (14:30) – 3rd Kent vest
  • Charlotte Bloodworth: 81st (15:17)

Inter boys

  • Dan Hadden: 29th (20:53) – 7th Kent vests
  • Max Malkinson: 33rd (20:56) – 8th Kent vests

Senior boys

  • Fenton Davoren: 41st (26:07) -10th Kent vests


Congratulations to Alex Greene who came first at the South East Youth Championships in U14 sabre and also to Marjolaine Mauduit who came third in U14 foil. Well done also to Amelie Geens also came first in the U18 foil. All have secured a place at the national championships in April.


Our 1st XI beat Haileybury 5-4 in a nail-biting semi-final to reach the Tier 2 national final. It was a brilliant game going down to the last play and the players (and staff) should be very proud of showing such resilience after going behind early on.

Congratulations to Victoria Kern, Tilly Smith and Lara Bailey who played for Sevenoaks HC over the weekend, beating Amersham and Chalfont HC in the Tier 1 Plate, which means they now progress to the semi-finals.


A great U9 tournament took place last week with six schools entering and over 50 pupils were involved. Congratulations to the winners from Granville and Walthamstow Hall who was the runner up. 


 A number of our swimmers competed at the Kent Championships over the last three weekends.

  • Maddy Evans: 200IM – 11th, 200BK – 2nd, 400FC – 9th, 200FC – 3rd, 100FC – 2nd, 50FC -1st, 100BFLY – 3rd, 50BK – 1st, 100BK – 1st, 50BFLY – 2nd
  • Amelia Tovey: 200IM – 6th, 400IM – 4th, 200BR – 3rd, 400FC – 7th, 200 FC – 9th, 200BFLY – 2nd, 100BFLY – 4th
  • Lucas Maule: 200FC – 14th, 200BR – 9th, 200IM – 16th, 100BR – 7th
  • Thomas Ellershaw: 200BR – 2nd, 200IM – 7th, 50BR – 2nd, 100BR – 2nd, 50BK – 1st, 100BK – 1st
  • Demi Alli: 200BR – 1st, 200IM – 3rd, 50BR – 2nd, 100BR – 2nd, 50FC – 2nd, 50BK – 6th
  • David Maule: 200BR – 14th, 200IM – 15th
  • Charlotte Bloodworth: 200BK – 15th
  • Izzy Okaro: 200BK – 3rd, 200FC – 2nd, 100FC – 2nd, 50FC – 1st, 50BK – 4th, 100BK – 4th, 50BFLY – 2nd
  • Peony Lee: 400FC – 4th, 200FC – 8th, 100FC – 8th, 100BFLY – 6th
  • Zach Raymond: 100FC – 2nd, 100BFLY – 8th
  • Chengze Duan: 100 BLFY – 2nd, 100BK – 5th, 50BFLY – 1st

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