Sports tours and camps

Sevenoaks School organises a number of tours and training camps on a regular basis both at home and overseas. Typically overseas tours are run at the senior end of the school on a three-year rotation so that all pupils have an opportunity to tour in their chosen sport. 

Why tour?

Anyone who has ever toured with their school will understand just what an incredibly unique experience it is. For many this will be the only time in their lives that they will have the chance to tour with their peers and compete against likeminded people on an international stage. A sports tour allows players to visit different countries, understand more of the local culture and to see and experience things that ordinary tourists would not. Above all else touring allows young people to grow, develop and mature. A sports tour can provide memories that will last a lifetime!

Regarded as the top sailing school in the country and outstanding success inboth tennis and shooting... Impressive wins in athletics, hockey and rugby andnumerous individual successes and county colours.

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