Other sport options

All pupils at Sevenoaks have the opportunity to participate in an extremely wide-ranging choice of sports activities during lunch breaks, after school and during games afternoons. All activities are open to every pupil regardless of ability; nobody is turned away, in fact pupils are encouraged to try something new. Some of the activities necessitate a small termly charge; others are provided by Sevenoaks School staff and are free of charge.

Aerobics  Classes take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays as a Sixth Form games option in all three terms and are taught by a visiting coach.

Climbing  The climbing wall in the Sennocke Centre is a fantastic facility giving students the opportunity to learn to climb as a beginner right through to serious training for the more experienced. A high ropes course and abseiling towers provide further challenges. We currently run clubs for all age groups and climbing is offered as a sport option in the Sixth Form.

Dance  Dance is available as a sport option for the sixth form during games afternoons and is taught by a visiting coach.We also run contemporary/acro, lyrical/ballet and jazz disciplines at lunchtimes for all age groups. 

Fitness Club  The Fitness Suite is open before school. lunchtimes, after school and in the evening for Sixth Form students, while Lower School and Middle School supervision is offered at lunchtimes and after school. The Fitness Suite can be used during games afternoons. 

Futsal  A variant of football that is played on a smaller playing surface, usually indoors. The name derives from the Portuguese futebol de salão and the Spanish fútbol de salón which can be translated as ‘hall football’. The game develops individual skills and is rapidly expanding across footballing nations. Our futsal sessions take place during the lunch break and we also run a Futsal academy in the evenings. Please get in touch with Mr Jack Jarvis for more details. 

Self-defence  This activity takes place after school once a week, under the instruction of experienced staff, which encompasses elements of different martial arts.

Squash coaching  This is available for all boys and girls and run by Simon Hall, our Head of Squash and Chris Gorman, our squash professional. Both group coaching and individual coaching is available before school, at lunchtimes and after school.

Strength and Conditioning Our Strength and Conditioning coach runs sessions before school for our performance athletes and also offers 121's upon request for all. Please see the Sennocke Centre website for more information. 

Tennis coaching  There are four resident tennis professionals at the school. Tennis lessons are available as group or individual lessons and are available throughout all three terms.