Even with COVID regulations in place, we are aiming to provide a sports program that looks as similar to a regular schedule as possible. The only versions of a sport that we are not able to run at present is Basketball (as of Oct 2020) and some other sports will of course need to be adapted to conform to regulations. 

Our guiding safety principles are:

Sport specific protocols have been made available to students. 

  • Sign up for sessions (outside of games) through SOCS coco - The following link offers advice for first time users.  A list of all activities will be on each students daily bulletin on the FF dashboard and on SOCS. Students will need to sign up if they wish to attend.  

  • If students need to talk to a member of the PE department outside of lessons, then please e-mail rather than enter the Sennocke Centre to talk face to face. 

  • Students have permission to come to school in school tracksuits on the days that they have sporting commitments to limit use of changing rooms. They may wish to bring in an additional T-shirt and socks in your school bag to change into after exercising. It is strongly advised that students wear a school tracksuits as we will look to complete lessons outdoor as much as possible.  

  • Students are asked to try and limit the amount of sports bags you bring into school. It would be ideal if you can fit all your academic resources and sports equipment in one bag.  

  • It is essential to wear masks on minibuses.

  • Bring a full water bottle to sessions. There are COVID safe (non-touch) water taps to fill up bottles in the Sennocke Centre, Dukes Meadow by the track and by Dukes Meadow Tennis courts. There are drinking taps available at Post Office and by astros but hands will need to be santised before and after use.  

  • Wear masks when entering the building until entering a specific facility and are greeted by the teacher or coach. 

  • Meet at the venue of the session on time, please do not be early or late. There is a suitable length of time between each session so there should be no overlap if timings are adhered to. 

  • Santise hands thoroughly at the start and end of each session at the avilable stations. 

  • Obey social distancing guidelines when possible.  

  • If using the Sennocke Centre, please use the one way system and follow the guidance. 

  • Do not share other's equipment or touch any equipment (or fencing/gates etc) if not asked to. 

  • Toilets; please use the toilets at the side of the Sennocke Centre. They will be clearly labelled, and instructions provided on safe usage.  

  • Boarders supper; please inform the staff member at the start of the session if you need to leave the session before the end to meet your supper time as these start at 5.30pm for some. 

  • In the event of severe weather, you will be contacted via e-mail if we need to cancel an early morning or after school session (the same will apply for Games for Year 11/12/13) and be able to go home. Year 7/8/9/10 Games will be relocated to an indoor venue. 


The daily bulletin will have a comprehensive list of all the activities that will be taking place throughout the day but the main headlines are:

  • No fixtures until further notice.
  • Before school and after school clubs - pupils will be required to sign up for clubs on SOCS coco. Unfortunately, they cannot join in if their name is not on the register for COVID secure reasons.
  • Lunchtime clubs have been cancelled to ensure the facilities have been cleaned effectively.
  • Pupils who are attached to external sports clubs will have permission to play in fixtures on Saturdays instead of following the normal games programme. They will need to seek permission via their tutor.
  • Increased options available in Y11/12/13 as in previous years. Numbers may be limited due to the use of indoor space. 
  • Sailors and shooters will be contacted separately regarding plans and protocols. 

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