Physical Education

The PE curriculum will be split into two parts - Mental and Physical. This comprises of modules that differ throughout each year group.

PHYSICAL - Through modules in fundamental movement skills, athletic development, co-ordination and athletics we are looking to enhance long term development and raise athletic potential.  

  • Athletic Development - enhance students' physical literacy and understanding of training types.  
  • Athletics - developing and refining technique of Athletic disciplines.  
  • Co-ordination - students discover the principles of co-ordination-based games and are exposed to a variety of activities.  
  • Fundamental Movement Skills - through various movements patterns and games, we aim to improve many core and transferrable movement skills. 


MENTAL – Through a concept-based curriculum, we are focus on nurturing personal attributes to enhance well-being through physical activity.  

  • Think – students are encouraged to collaboratively understand and solve tactical problems. 
  • Communicate – students explore different types of communication and leadership styles. 
  • Reflect – students are asked to reflect, set goals and explore resilience. 
  • Mindful – students learn about aspects of mindfulness. 
  • Problem solving - students learn teamwork and how to work under pressure.  
  • Inquiring – students are asked to independently research and lead fitness classes.  


All PE lessons for the first half of term at least will be taught outside and will focus on re-integrating students back into physical activity through our Fundamental Movement Skills module.

Swimming lessons will be able to take place but we may have to turn some swim lessons into PE lessons owing to not being able to run back-to-back swim lessons with cleaning required after every session. Your son/daughter will be contacted directly by their teacher and informed about the protocols and whether they will be swimming in lessons.

Curriculum Mission

  1. To enhance the physical literacy of every student - PHYSICAL.
  2. and foster personal attributes through physical activity – MENTAL.



Complete peak/height velocity tests in first week. This then leads into determining which physical prep level students undertake at the start of each session.

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