Our coaching philosophy encourages player creativity.

At the heart of Sevenoaks School’s coaching philosophy are key foundations that we believe bring out the best in our players:

  1. Ensure fun and enjoyment for all 
  2. Minimise coach talk in each session
  3. Maximise number of touches per player per session
  4. Introduce as much game play as possible
  5. Encourage pupil leadership
  6. Always create a safe but challenging environment
  7. Master fundamental techniques and skills

As a result of our convictions to these foundations each player will develop key skills such as flair, individuality, hard work and teamwork, and will become a fitter, more knowledgeable leader in school sport and within the wider school community.

We have excellent coaches across all sports and all levels at Sevenoaks who are committed to our key foundations and who continually strive to bring out the best in all individuals while insisting upon sportsmanship at all times, an important quality in competitive sport. All of our coaches have access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) internally and externally in addition to ‘safe practice’ seminars on an annual basis.

A typical session will be built around the following areas using the whole-part-whole coaching method:

Time Theme
20min Warm up (Pulse raiser and stretches, and technique practice within a competitive environment)
20min Game Play and conditioned games
20min Breakdown of technique and tactics
20min Conditioned Game Play
20min Cool down (Replace oxygen debt and stretching)

All of our coaches encourage creativity and ensure all sessions are fun but challenging.

Director of PE and Sport: Mr James Emmittjce@sevenoaksschool.org