25 March 2019

Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2019.

A student-led competition fusing social impact and entrepreneurship, judged by an external panel.

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On 7 March, we were delighted to host the Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2019.

Fusing together social impact and entrepreneurship, the Social Entrepreneurship Competition consisted of six teams of students with innovative ideas on how to help causes they truly care about. The panel of judges consisted of Pranav Chopra (founder of NEMI Teas, Slumdog Travels and Eat Me Chutneys), Ruth Girardet (on the board of the Open University and worked 15+ years in CSR), Nickolai Vysokov (co-founder of BrainPatch) and Jonathan Gan (founder of Whichit). For me, it was particularly inspiring to see the other five teams present their work, as their passion shone through.

Their ideas ranged from an app helping refugees find jobs to books to educate young children in India. The judges offered valuable insight into every aspect of our enterprises, and we’ve been able to develop our companies with this.

Presenting as if to a panel of investors is not an easy skill, and being able to practise this with judges who have experience in doing it themselves was the most important takeaway for me. Between coordinating teams of people, working out the logistics and preparing my own entry for the competition, the process of bringing the Social Entrepreneurship Competition to life was extremely rewarding.

Congratulations to Lower Sixth students Molisha and Aanya, whose creative business idea won them the competition. They published a PSHE book responding to needs they identified with teachers in India.

Sophie Fujiwara, L6

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