01 February 2018

Sixth Form Spanish Debating Competition

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Sevenoaks students competed in the national Sixth Form Spanish Debating Competition yesterday at Christ’s Hospital School, and although they didn’t win, they gave a great performance. The students that participated were: Axel Susini, Cara Fuller, Arianna Spina and Gavriil Kochevrin. They debated the following topics:

– No a la escuela privada. La educación debería ser gratuita y universal. (Say no to private school. Education should be free and universal.)

– La monarquía no tiene cabida en la sociedad española moderna. (There’s no room for the Monarchy in the Spanish modern society.)

– La ayuda económica que el Reino Unido presta a otras naciones ya no es sostenible. (The foreign aid that the UK provides for other nations is not sustainable anymore.)

Well done to all.

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