10 March 2016

Sixth Form Mooting trip to Inner Temple

Sevenoaks students successfully participated in a moot adjudicated by Old Sennockian Dexter Dias QC in the Great Hall at Inner Temple.

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Sevenoaks School and Godolphin & Latymer School took part in a moot (a model judicial proceeding) adjudicated by Dexter Dias QC (OS 1980), on Wednesday 9 March in the Great Hall at Inner Temple in the Inns of Court.

The moot problem posed the fictional case of a Ms Christine Quail, an accident victim suffering from locked-in syndrome, who was contesting the current law on assisted suicide. In time-honoured legal fashion, a coin toss (in the Bar Mess at the Old Bailey) determined that Sevenoaks would represent Ms Quail (appellant) and Godolphin act for the Ministry of Justice (respondent).

Following conventional procedure, the moot was argued by a leading and junior counsel on both sides. Representing Sevenoaks, the two appellants, Daniel Wu and Kyra Chong (both Lower Sixth), presented their arguments fluently and marshalled evidence with impressive ease, demonstrating very high standards of advocacy.

We were most fortunate in our judge, Dexter Dias, an award-winning barrister, who as Queen’s Counsel has been instructed in some of the biggest cases involving murder, terrorism and human rights of recent years.

As part of the proceedings, and to broaden the opportunity for participation, three intervenors added to the colourful debate, with Angelina Shum representing Dignitas, Mark Nedera speaking for the BHA and Eliza Bond representing the views of Lord Faulkner.

We were delighted that in recognition of her stellar performance, Kyra Chong was awarded the 200 Tenge Prize.

We hope that this highly successful moot will set a precedent for future occasions. It was a thoroughly enriching experience for all involved and we would like to extend our thanks to Dexter Dias QC for offering such a valuable opportunity to the students.

The trip was organised by Chris Harbinson, HE Adviser for Law. 

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