Marksmanship is one of the most challenging sporting activities, but also one of the most rewarding. Sevenoaks offers shooting at club and competition level and is one of the leading schools in the south-east in this sport. Our students are regularly selected for the BSSRA (schools) England squad.

Shooting is available to all year groups as a co-curricular activity and as a sport from Year 10. We specialise in smallbore target rifle and it is up to the individual how far they wish to push themselves. For many students, it offers a change of pace from the classroom and an opportunity to relax while perfecting their skills. From this foundation the success flows.

All beginners must start in the Hobbies sessions before attempting to join the sports option. From that point, many will begin in the Under 15 teams and go on to represent the county and country for successive years. Safety and basic principles must be mastered before you may focus on the path of competition.

Unless you are already a competent shooter, forget everything you thought you knew about shooting; it’s not what you may expect. Pitch yourself against the toughest opposition you will ever face – you.

Teacher in charge: Mr Mike Bargeron