01 May 2019

Sevenoaks School students receive over 900 university offers

Sevenoaks students have received over 800 offers from UK universities and over 100 from international universities.

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 Over 900 offers in total have been received by the 232 Sevenoaks students seeking a university place this year. 

Sevenoaks students have received over 800 offers from UK universities and over 120 from international universities.

US universities are an increasingly popular option for our students. This year we have had 39 US applicants who have received a total of 92 offers from 51 institutions, including 12 early offers.  Students have received offers from the following US schools: Amherst (2), Boston College (1), Boston University (2), Bowdoin (1), Brandeis (1), Brown (4), Carnegie Mellon (1), Columbia (2), Columbia-Science Po Dual Degree (2), Cornell (2), Dartmouth (2), Duke (4), Fordham (1), Georgia Tech (1), Harvey Mudd (1), Haverford (1), Johns Hopkins (1) Middlebury (2), Northeastern (6, all with merit scholarship), Northwestern (3), NYU (5, one with merit scholarship), Pitzer (1), Pomona (1), Purdue (1), Rice (2), Santa Clara (1), Stanford (1), Tufts (1),  UChicago (4), UC Berkeley (3), UC Davis (1), UCLA (5), UC San Diego (3), UC Santa Barbara (1), UC Santa Cruz (1), University of Michigan (3), UPenn (4), USC (5, two with merit scholarships), University of Virginia (1), Stanford (1), Swarthmore (2), Vanderbilt (2), Wesleyan (1), William & Mary – St. Andrews Dual Degree, Williams (2), and Yale (2).  Students additionally received 26 waitlist spaces, including at Princeton (1) and Cal Tech (1).  One additional student will enjoy a scholarship year as a visiting student at Pomona as part of a joint-program with Downing College, Cambridge.

Equally successful have been our other international applicants with a total of 32 offers. They have received Canadian university offers from McGill (3), Toronto (8, including 3 with the Presidents Scholar of Excellence Award) and UBC (2), and Hong Kong offers from CUHK (3) and HKU (1), and 15 European offers from Bocconi (4) Erasmus University (2), Sciences Po (2) plus another two offers for the Sciences Po dual degree program with Columbia, and ETH Zurich (1) Humanitas University of Medicine (1), Royal College of Surgeons (1), St Gallen (1), Hotelschool (1) Utrecht University (1), and IE University, Spain (1).

In terms of the UK, 68 institutions have made over 800 offers for 216 students. The London colleges continue to be popular with many offers from UCL (66), KCL (55), LSE (21) and Imperial College London (18). We are also delighted to report that students have received 80 offers from Durham and a further 82 offers from Exeter, while we have an offer rate of over 90% offer rate at Bristol, Warwick, Bath and York.

This year we have received 33 offers from the universities of Oxford (13) and Cambridge (20). Once again we have seen a strong performance for Medicine and Veterinary Science – this year 12 students applied to study Medicine and 3 applied to study Veterinary Medicine and between them they have received an impressive total of 31 offers.   

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