04 December 2017

Sevenoaks School assist at Bradbourne RDA

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Every Thursday, students from Sevenoaks School volunteer with the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) at the Bradbourne Riding and Training Centre, Sevenoaks.

The students, from Years 10 and 11 and the Sixth Form, assist the sessions for children with disabilities as part of the Sevenoaks School Voluntary Service Unit (VSU) programme. The RDA riding sessions offer therapeutic benefit to local children every week during term time. The ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment for the children and make it a fun and rewarding experience for them.

Phoebe Buckland, Year 11 at Sevenoaks School, said: “This term we have been helping at the Riding with the Disabled Association at Bradbourne Riding and Training Centre as our service activity. Our job is to ensure that the horses are ready to be ridden, and then help lead the children around a field or indoor arena.

“We also help the children achieve targets such as steering their ponies or going up and down hills, which requires coordination skills that we perhaps take for granted.

“The children are always so excited to ride the horses, and to see their confidence develop over the term is a truly rewarding experience. They receive great pleasure from riding, and it is a special feeling for us to be able to see the impact of the assistance and time we have been able to give. Their enthusiasm and eagerness is always uplifting, meaning the whole experience is extremely enjoyable for everyone.”

Jenna Leight, Bradbourne RDA said: “Our Sevenoaks School student volunteers provide essential help for Bradbourne Group RDA on Thursday afternoons. They have learnt quickly and become an important part of our team in a short time. We appreciate their help and enjoy watching them grow and develop, establishing great rapport with our riders and ponies.”


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