Get Well Soon World

Forced to go back to our home country of Russia as borders closed, we set off on a Friday the 13th, appropriately enough, after an emotional goodbye to Sennocke, our boarding house. Before we could reunite with our families, we had to quarantine. We spent quite a while just on our own, struggling sometimes to make sense of the rapidly changing news from England and the rapid rise in cases in Russia. We were both scared and sad at times, but we knew we were the lucky ones: many could only dream of staying in a nice house in the countryside without danger of being infected. Countless people had to lie in hospitals, where even doctors were afraid to come close to them. Thinking of them, we decided to initiate Get Well Soon World.

Our aim has been to spread positivity and let people know that they’re not alone through an Instagram page where we post pictures and quotations, advice on how to cope and photos of people supporting each other. Within a couple of weeks, we had hundreds of followers and many people sending their beautiful posters with kind messages. It has been extremely rewarding to do our bit to improve people’s mental wellbeing and create a community spreading hope and love.


Elizabeth Zorina and Andrea Olsen, Year 10