20 February 2017

Senior UKMT Team Challenge National Final

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On Tuesday Roxanne, Sophie, Mervyn and I came 5th at the National Finals of the Senior UKMT Team Challenge, out of the 88 qualifying teams from across the UK. Along with the main competition there was a poster competition with the theme of Cellular Automata.

"To compete in the national maths challenge provided us a platform to share our passion for maths with more people from different backgrounds and cherish the joy that maths brings. It’s just great to be in a room with lots of talented minds."

– Roxanne Zhang

"The challenge of fast and accurate problem solving, at this level, was intimidating; but ultimately proved to be really enjoyable"

– Sophie McInerney

"The relay round was so intense and had all of us on the edge of our seats"

– Mervyn Tong 


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