The Tutor System

Tutor groups, which comprise 14-16 pupils, meet every morning. The role of the tutor is crucial and they stay with their tutees throughout their time in the Lower, Middle or Upper School. It is the tutor’s responsibility to ensure that each pupil feels individually valued and supported; he or she is the first port of call for parents and will contact parents if there are any concerns.

Parents should never hesitate to contact the tutor if they are at all worried about their child. Pupils forge close relationships with their tutor, who quickly becomes a key figure in their daily lives; advising, helping and encouraging, as well as reminding and occasionally nagging!

Leading a team of tutors is a Divisional Head who ensures consistency across groups and has an overview of all pupils in their division. The school is divided into three sections: Lower School (Years 7 and 8), Middle School (9-11) and Upper School (Sixth Form) and normally pupils remain with their tutor, who is a specialist for that age group, for the whole of their time in a section. The Lower School tutor groups are all located in one small area and the pupils have their own common room, where they meet and play during breaks. The Middle School and Upper School pupils meet in classrooms around the school campus, and have their own common rooms.

There is a strong Tutor system. Pupils meet daily in small groups with their Tutor who acts as a mentor. Pupils are encouraged to speak freely if they have any concerns thus alleviating any worries they may have.

Sherri Hunt, parent

A number of tutor groups within a section of the school form a Division. Coordinating the divisions and working closely with the tutors are the Divisional Heads. The Divisional Head is responsible for discipline and maintaining the highest standards of behaviour, appearance and of course good working habits. The Divisional Heads pride themselves on knowing every member of their division and make regular visits to the Boarding Houses in their division.

The main difference between the day and the boarding community is of course that the pastoral support for boarders continues 24 hours a day. However, although the housemaster or housemistress will inevitably be a very important person in each boarder’s life at school, the tutor and divisional system outlined above works in the same way as for the day community. 

Please see our FAQ for more information about our tutor support. 

Deputy Head Pastoral: Miss Helen

Head of Boarding: Mrs Nichola