The Deputy Head Pastoral: Miss Helen Tebay

Helen comes from Kent and attended two local schools before studying Maths at Cambridge. She taught at Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School before coming to Sevenoaks in 1997, where she has been a teacher of Maths, sports coach, RAF officer, DofE trainer, choir member and enthusiastic supporter of plays, concerts and exhibitions!

Her previous pastoral roles at Sevenoaks include Lower School Tutor, Middle School Divisional Head and Sixth Form Divisional Head. Helen was appointed Deputy Head Pastoral in 2012. 

Having been involved in so many areas of the school, over so many years, working with so many people, I know it and truly believe in its ethos. The school is its people.

The most important thing to me is that the staff really know the pupils, make time for them, value them as individuals, care about their happiness and aim to develop the thoughtful, caring side of their characters as well as their intellect and ambition.

We hope they will go on to make a positive difference in whatever walk of life they choose to pursue. With so many opportunities and being surrounded by so many nationalities and cultures, we hope they will think big and take confidence from their strong grounding and varied experiences.

We want our students to know, and do, what is right before what is necessarily easy. Our aim is that they should be well informed in every sense of the word.