Meet the Middle School Divisional Heads


The Middle School has three Divisional Heads: Miss Rachel McQuillin, Mr Jim Grant and Mr Alex Smith. They are responsible for managing the pastoral system in the Middle School, working with the Pastoral Deputy Head, Helen Tebay.  

Rachel McQuillin is in charge of Sackville Division. She teaches History to the Middle and Upper School and is also a teacher of TOK. Jim Grant looks after Amherst Division and teaches Drama and Literature & Performance. Jim is the author and director of many of our successful Sackville Theatre Company plays. Alex Smith is responsible for Boswell Division. He teaches Economics and coaches football and cricket. Alex has taught at Sevenoaks for over 20 years and as Alumni Staff Liaison is involved with all OS reunions and OS sport.

Each division in the Middle School is made up of around ten tutor groups coming from Years 9, 10 and 11. Tutors are responsible for each tutor group that pupils are allocated to. A student’s tutor and Divisional Head work together to support the student throughout their time in the Middle School.

Amherst Division: Mr Jim

Boswell Division: Mr Alex

Sackville Division: Miss Rachel