06 July 2017

School celebrates best ever IB results

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Many congratulations to the Class of 2017 on their outstanding examination results – the best ever results of our largest cohort in recent years. At 216 students, our cohort is among the biggest of UK and world-wide IB schools, and together they achieved the remarkable average diploma score of 40.6 points (ten points above the world average). 

Twenty four students achieved the maximum 45 points, with 34 securing 44 points and another 26 securing 43 points. Over 66% of the cohort achieved 40 points or more – an exceptional result.

The Head, Dr Katy Ricks, said, ‘We are once again delighted by our students’ performance. These exceptional results are a validation of the school’s ethos and approach to learning. A parent said to me only this week: ‘Sevenoaks teaches its students how to think.’

  • 24 students gained the maximum 45 points for the IB Diploma
  • 34 students gained 44 points
  • 143 students gained diplomas with 40 or more points
  • The average points score per student was 40.6

Nearly 150,000 students from over 136 countries took the IBDP this year. The IB’s outlook is invaluable, instilling in our young people the capacity to understand and prosper in the global community, as well as an outstanding entry to university.

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