24 February 2016

Rory Easton wins silver and bronze at U15 Europeans

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Rory Easton has won silver and bronze medals at the European U15 badminton championships.

He dominated his early rounds of singles and doubles (with England partner Harry Huang) until reaching the semi-final stages where he met Cristo Popov (French no. 1) and an almighty three-set battle ensued with Cristo coming out on top.

In the doubles the English pair looked untouchable even against the top Danish pair of Gronberg and Espersen in the semi, but unfortunately Rory and Harry did not play their best in the final and lost to the French pair of Popov and Lovang. This is the first time Rory and Harry have lost to any European pair in their age group.

Despite being within a whisker of gold medals, the boys will learn hugely from the experience, and the fact that the senior European team championships were in the same hall at the same time made the experience quite unforgettable. Rory played superbly throughout.

Photo: Mark Phelan

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