05 May 2017

PROMO trip to Rajasthan

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The recent trip our group of 11 students took to Rajasthan, India, was by far one of the most memorable experiences I have had. We visited a number of historical sites, most prominently the Taj Mahal, which I found particularly enriching. However, the highlight of the trip – and its main purpose – was our time spent at the SKSN School for children with polio, which Sevenoaks has supported for a number of years.

Our group travelled to the school and spent a week teaching English to students ranging from first year primary pupils to students who were the same age as us. We spent our mornings teaching, participated in activities during the afternoons, and visited the boarding houses in the evenings. What impacted me most about the school was how, despite their disabilities, the students had an indomitable vigour for life and learning. We were taught how to play various card games, how to do Bollywood dances, and it really was so inspiring to see how the students participated in class and all activities with such enthusiasm. It was an experience that I will cherish and never forget.

Gabriella Wilks 

See photos from the trip here

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