07 June 2019

Pompeii Trip Report

Over half term, Year 10 students embarked on a trip to Pompeii.

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Over half term I went on the Classics Trip to Pompeii and the surrounding Bay of Naples area with 30 other Year 10s. With Latin and Greek being my favourite subjects, this trip was a superb opportunity. Not only was it very beneficial in an educational way, but also it was a fabulously enjoyable holiday with my friends.

After arriving at our hotel, our first full day was spent in the archaeological site of Pompeii. This was fascinating and a highlight of the trip. We had the day to wander around the site and take in all the views and look into houses and shops.

Over the rest of the trip, we packed in as much as we could from the area, including visiting the incredibly well-preserved sites such as Herculaneum and the large amphitheatre at Pozzuoli, as well as being able to see real mosaics and pots in the Archaeological Museum in Naples.

As well as spending lots of time learning, we spent evenings enjoying the local areas, including visiting a market in the beautiful town of Sorrento.

And to top off a remarkable trip, we trekked up an unfortunately cloudy, but still breath-taking, Mount Vesuvius. After learning so much about the role this volcano played in shaping the history and geography of the areas we visited, it was probably the most impactful place we visited. It was also amazing, as we drove down the mountain, to see as the clouds parted the whole Bay of Naples. Returning home from this trip, although tired and with wet clothes from the rain, I was sad to have to come back after having such an unforgettable time.

I would encourage everyone that has the opportunity to go on this insightful trip and visit that fascinating area of the world, then make sure to take it, as I would do it again without question!

Jennifer Thomas, Year 10

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