12 January 2018

Physics trip to Florida

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A new Physics trip to Florida for Year 9 students launched during the Christmas holidays, taking advantage of many of the wonderful attractions in the Orlando area.

Pupils learned about terminal velocity and forces before putting their skills into action during skydiving in an indoor wind tunnel! They visited other mind-expanding attractions such as Wonderworks, the Orlando Science Center, and a behind-the-scenes tour at SeaWorld.

Another highlight of the trip was completing the Astronaut Training Experience at Kennedy Space Centre, where we had the opportunity to ask questions to a veteran astronaut, Winston Scott, climb a microgravity wall and command a simulated shuttle launch. A whole day at the Kennedy Space Visitor Centre followed, which included interactive attractions telling the story of the space programme and a bus tour out to the launch pads that are still in use today.

Finally, there was a day at Disney’s Epcot Park, where the group experienced a huge variety of exhibits, attractions and simulations focussing on technology, science, imagination and living with the land. The ‘Illuminations’ fireworks display brought a wonderful end to an inspiring, busy and exciting trip.

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