A typical day in the Sixth Form

I love the routine, starting each morning with people I respect and just knowing that in that day something I’ve been taught or the people I sit with at lunch will help me grow in some way.

Mika, Upper Sixth

Before school
Boarders will have breakfast in the Dining Hall by 08:15. All pupils register with their tutor at 08:30 and twice a week will go to assembly, and otherwise stay with their tutor for tutorial activities.

The first two morning lessons are at 09:00 and then 09:55, followed by a morning break at 10:50, when pupils tend to gather in the Dining Hall for refreshments or may sit and chat with friends in the common room, or seek out a teacher if necessary. After break, from 11:15, there are two more lessons.

Lunch begins at 13:05. All pupils must eat a school lunch; there is a wide range of options including hot dishes, salads and vegetarian food. During lunchtime there are many and varied activities ranging from music to discussion groups to sports team practices.

Afternoon lessons or games sessions begin at 14:20 and school ends at 16:10. The Sixth Form have three sport or co-curricular afternoons per week. One of these is dedicated to service activities.

After school
When school ends, students may head straight home or back to their boarding house, attend a drama or music rehearsal, sports practice or other after-school activity, or stay and socialise for a while. They are also very welcome to use the library to study after school.

Boarders have supper from 17:30. If needed for any reason day pupils can book supper in advance. Sixth Form students will receive approximately two hours of homework each night.