Being part of something big starts with something small.

Sevenoaks is a large institution and it has sizeable ambitions to match, but the focus is on every individual student, who will find and develop their talents, areas of enthusiasm and interests as part of small, familiar units. A student’s pastoral care is driven by their tutor; at Sevenoaks every day begins with tutor time and the familiar and friendly faces of a small tutor group.

Tutors maintain the overview of a student’s school experience; they will come to know their tutees incredibly well and will always be on hand to provide support and guidance.

Divisional Heads oversee year groups and ensure via assemblies and a range of other activities that students have a sense of identity as a year group.

Of course, every student is also part of the big picture; they will learn to thrive as independent, dynamic and socially conscious members of the whole school community. They will come to find that this is a community which values diversity, operates on kindness, and which constantly strives for improvement. They will also find a community which cares for them and treats them as individuals, while always seeking to make them feel like a valuable part of the whole.