Sevenoaks was a secular foundation and today remains a non-denominational school. Pupils are encouraged to learn about and learn from secular and religious worldviews, through interacting with others and attending assemblies.The views of each pupil are respected, and they are encouraged to develop their own beliefs and ideas, while developing sensitivity for the beliefs and views of others.

I love how you are encouraged to be your own person, and to question the world and our situation rather than simply accepting the norm.

Holly, Upper Sixth


We organise internal and external speakers to promote understanding between different faith traditions.


At Sevenoaks we provide members of the boarding community the opportunity to worship on Sundays within the context of a local church community, according to their own religious tradition, and the school has links with places of worship for Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others. Many boarders are active members of local churches, and we have established links with churches which will offer a warm welcome to members of the school. Details of places and times of worship are available upon request.

In addition there is a weekly Junior Christian Union and Senior Christian Union; members of all denominations are welcomed.

A number of whole school occasions take place in, and are supported by St Nicholas Church, including the Remembrance Service and the Christmas Carol Service.