A typical day in the Middle School

Before school
Boarders will have breakfast in the Dining Hall by 08:15. All pupils register with their tutor at 08:30 and two or three times a week will go to assembly, and otherwise stay with their tutor for tutor group activities.  

The first two morning lessons begin at 09:00 and then 09:55, followed by morning break at 10:50. Pupils tend to gather at the tuck shop or in their common room to sit and chat with friends, play a game or seek out a teacher if necessary. From 11:15 there are two more lessons, followed by lunch at 12:55.

During lunchtime there are many and varied activities ranging from music and drama groups to craft club and chess club. Pupils are all encouraged to take up and enjoy co-curricular activities.  

Afternoon lessons or games sessions begin at 14:20. Year 9 have two games afternoons per week. Years 10 and 11 have three co-curricular afternoons per week. Individual musical instrument lessons take place during the day, for which pupils miss part of a lesson, but not the same one each week.  

After school
School ends at 16:10 when pupils may head straight home or back to their boarding house, or perhaps attend a rehearsal, sports practice or after-school club. They are also very welcome to use the library to study after school.  

Boarders have supper from 17:30. Day pupils can also book supper in advance, if needed for any reason.  

Pupils will get approximately one and a half hours of homework each night.

I still see new things every day that made me glad I chose Sevenoaks.

Lucy, Year 10