The Lower School: Years 7 and 8

Lower School pupils have the same tutor and fellow tutees for two years. This provides continuity, security and really helps with communication between school and home, which we think is very important. Tutors get to know their tutees really well.

When you start, the campus seems really, really big compared to your old school but it's also nice and everyone is so friendly. You feel really welcomed.

Year 7 pupil

Lower School day pupils are in tutor groups comprised of either boys or girls, with approximately half from Year 7 and half from Year 8 and a tutor of the same gender. The older pupils befriend, help and guide the younger pupils.

Pupils meet every morning in their tutor groups all located together near their common room and assembly hall (called the Little Theatre). They attend lessons in classes with boys and girls from other tutor groups, across the whole campus, which, although it initially seems large to a new Year 7 pupil, is easy to find your way around. They soon get to know it really well. 

New pupils come in for induction activities the day before the beginning of the Michaelmas term to meet their tutor and some Year 8 pupils, get to know one another and are shown around.                   

Lower School pupils go to lunch before the rest of the school. They have PE and Games every Wednesday and Friday afternoon and go home after morning lessons on Saturday afternoons, while the rest of the school stay on for sports matches and activities.  

There is a Lower School holiday trip in the summer holidays every year, which is always one of the highlights remembered when pupils leave school seven years later!

Head of Lower School: Mr Manuel