A Typical Day in the Lower School

A fun, varied and busy timetable!

Before school
All pupils register with their tutor at 08:30. Twice a week will go to assembly, and on the other days they stay with their tutor for tutorial activities.

The first two morning lessons are at 09:00 and then 09:55, followed by a morning break at 10:50. Pupils tend to gather in their common room or may sit and chat with friends in the cafe, play a game or seek out a teacher if necessary.

After break, from 11:15, there are two more lessons followed by lunch at 12:45.

During the lunch break there are many and varied activities ranging from music and drama groups to craft club and chess club. Pupils are all encouraged to attend clubs and develop co-curricular interests and talents.

Afternoon lessons or games sessions begin at 14:25 and school ends at 16:10 when pupils normally head straight home if they do not have an activity or concert or play to attend. They are welcome to use the library to study after school.

Homework: Pupils in the Lower School are set one hour maximum of homework each evening.

Music lessons

Individual musical instrument lessons take place during the day. Pupils will miss part of a lesson, but not the same one each week.