Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are Sixth Form students who offer support to younger pupils. Sixth Formers can volunteer to be peer mentors and take a training course with the School Counsellor. They concentrate on listening skills and looking out for pupils in need.

Sixth Formers are often able to encourage a younger pupil to open up and chat about something that is worrying them which they may not initially wish to discuss with a teacher. We have run a peer mentoring system for some years, and receive very positive feedback from our pupils. Peer Mentors are known to be very helpful and approachable.  

Peer Mentors are encouraged to keep their eyes and ears open around the campus for any unhappy pupils or any behaviour which is of concern. They also visit Lower and Middle School tutor groups on a regular basis to offer advice and lead activities. We believe that this interaction across age groups is invaluable, both to help the younger students and give the older students a real opportunity for responsibility and service to the school.  

Peer Mentors also meet with each other to discuss their role and share experiences. They are excellent at encouraging pupils to speak to an appropriate member of staff and at reporting issues of more serious concern to the relevant tutor, Divisional Head or Pastoral Deputy Head.

Our group of peer counsellors were both enthusiastic and reliable, making every effort to engage with their buddies. This helped the Year 7 students to begin Year 8 with extra confidence and excitement. 

Taran, Sixth Form